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Finalists 30 - Works
Professional Artists
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The catalogue will be published annually and will focus on the candidates selected for the Celeste Art Prize.

The catalogue will also be examination of painting practise in the UK.

The catalogue will have approx. 200 pages and 400 images and will be divided:


An Introduction to the Celeste Painting Prize.

With accompanying critical texts on the paintings selected for the prize and the role of contemporary painting in the UK.


The 2006 critical texts
will be by the Curatorial Programme at Goldsmiths College, London.


70 pages will be dedicated to the Finalists.
Each finalist will have a single page showing the work selected for the prize. There will be a total of 60 works reproduced:
30 Artists & 30 Students.


110 pages will be dedicated to the short listed artists.
170 artists and an image of their submitted works from each section (Artist/Student) A total of 340 images will be illustrated.


Approx. 5 pages - Index of Names
will list the names of all the artists and their home town who participated in the 2006 Celeste Art Prize.

A free copy of the catalogue will be given to each artist who participates in the Celeste Art Prize.

Copies of the catalogue can be collected from the Finalists’ exhibition or be posted (postage & packing to be paid by the artist).

Additional copies of the catalogue may be purchased by participating artists with a 10% discount.

The catalogue 2006
200 pages and 400 images

by Andrew Renton

The catalogue 2006
200 pages and 400 images

Finalists section

Finalists section

Artist selected section

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