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Finalists 30 - Works
Professional Artists
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A new prize to promote painting
in its widest sense in the UK
£15,000 prize money

The Celeste Art Prize is delighted to announce the finalists & the short listed artists for the 2006 prize.

The response to the prize in its first year has been extremely positive (1,120 artists). There will be 70 short listed & 30 finalist students alongside the 170 short listed artists & 30 finalists in the Professional Artist category.
(Shortlist 170)
(Finalists 30)
(Shortlist 70)


Emily Allchurch
"The Tower of London (after Breugel)"
Mixed Media: Back Lit Transparency - Date: 2005
Size: 124x161cm

Jackie Anderson
"St Enoch Square"
Oil on cotton on board - Date: 2005
Size: 96x149cm

Shane Bradford
"Brave New World, Aldous Huxley"
Paperback Book, household gloss paint
Date: 2004 - Size: 230x120x25cm

Ben Cove
"Monsanto's House of the Future"
Acrylic, MDF, Casters - Date: 2005
Size: 213x91cm

Oona Culley
"Shadow Memory"
Oil on canvas, twig & plinth - Date: 2005
Size: 175x120cm

William Daniels
"The Forest on its Head"
Oil on board - Date: 2005
Size: 34x26.5cm

Oona Grimes
"How Clever of God # 109"
Ink, gouache & letraset on paper - Date: 2004
Size: 56x76 cm

Claire Harvey
Oil on A4 transparencies - Date: 2005
Size: Dimensions variable, site specific

GŁnther Herbst
"Bainbridge Street"
Oil on Canvas - Date: 2005
Size: 44.5x66.5cm

Justin Hibbs
"New Hope II"
Oil on MDF panel - Date: 2005
Size: 80x60cm

Alison Jones
"Bin Bags"
Acrylic on wall & floor - Date: 2005
Size: 200x200cm

Andrea Medjesi-Jones
Oil, ink & spray paint - Date: 2006
Size: 142x183cm

Ross Jones
"Unattended Bag"
Oil on canvas - Date: 2005
Size: 150x200cm

Edward Kay
"Il Giovane"
Oil on canvas on panel - Date: 2006
Size: 25x36cm

Natasha Kidd
"Untitled "
Copper pipe, industrial pump, emulsion paint, timer & aluminium panel - Date: 2006
Size: 2 metres squared

Natasha Kissell
"Deep and Dark and Beautiful"
Oil on canvas - Date: 2005
Size: 106x121cm

Vasiliki Kouroupaki
Acrylic, variety of fabrics: ribbon, thread, wool, glass-wool, tulle, net - Date: 2004
Size: 120x204cm

Brendan Lyons
Acrylic on canvas - Date: 2005
Size: 100x100cm

Sarah Macdonald
"Crowborough High Street"
Acrylic on canvas - Date: 2005
Size: 91x176cm

Alisa Margolis
"Being Forever"
Oil and resin on canvas - Date: 2005
Size: 116 diameter

Richard Moon
Oil on canvas - Date: 2005
Size: 203x203cm

Simon Nixon
"Carlisle II"
Oil on canvas - Date: 2005
Size: 120x84cm

Greg Palmer
"Winter Landfill"
Acrylic on canvas - Date: 2004-2005
Size: 167.5x152.5cm

Barbaresi & Round
"Sprawl/What gets carried by the river"
Mixed Media - Date: 2005
Size: Dimensions variable, site specific, installation shot Ovada, Oxford 2005

Kate Street
C-type print on foamex & aluminium - Date: 2005
Size: 105x135cm

Michael Stubbs
"Vanitas Xtra"
Oil based mixed media on mirrored aluminium on MDF - Date: 2006
Size: 122x122cm

Gro Thorsen
Oil on aluminium - Date: 2005
Size: 88x178cm

Amikam Toren
"Armchair Painting: (The Right Treatment to your Erection Problem)"
Oil on canvas, text cut out - Date: 2004
Size: 61x77cm

Adele Underwood
Oil & Charcoal - Date: 2005
Size: 120.5x120.5cm

Graeme Wilcox
Acrylic on canvas - Date: 2005
Size: 152.4 x 127 cm
The 30 finalists will exhibit at The Well, Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London from Tuesday, 23rd May until Sunday 28th May 2006. The exhibition will be open daily 10am-7pm.

The Organisers:

Celeste Art Prize Ltd
Sara Pearce
28 Vestry Road - London SE5 8NX
Tel. & Fax 0207 7016679
E-mail: info@celesteartprize.co.uk
Web site: www.celesteartprize.co.uk

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