The Celeste Art Prize catalogue is an annual publication and is intended to be an examination of current painting practise in the UK.

The catalogue will be circa 200 pages with approximately 400 colour illustrations.

One complimentary catalogue will be given, upon request, to every artist listed in the catalogue; additional catalogues can also be acquired at a discount.

All artists who participated in the Celeste Art Prize, even if they are not included in the catalogue, will also receive a discount on the purchase price of the catalogue.

Catalogue full purchase price £15, discounted catalogues £13 (Postage & packing excluded)


The 2007 Celeste Art Prize catalogue features the work of all the 60 finalists & 240 short listed artists plus essays by the Goldsmiths MFA Curatorial Programme Curators, who have acted as selectors of the short listed and finalist artists.

Celeste Art Prize hopes to collaborate each year with a participating artist from the previous year’s prize to create the cover for the successive year’s catalogue.

The 2007 catalogue cover was created in collaboration with Shane Bradford from an art work commissioned following his inclusion as a finalist in the Celeste Art Prize 2006.

Shane Bradford is interested in autobiography & influence, part of his working practise is to dip selected second hand books repeatedly in gloss paint, creating patterns & layers that allude to the books’ contents & his relationship with them. In one sense this is an act of assimilation; an attempt to both honour and break free from influence. In another sense, it is a satisfying paradox, a union of subject matter with technique. He has used this process to record his own participation in the 2006 prize; while his choice of monochromatic white is also a celebration of the work of Natasha Kidd, the winner of the 2006 Artists Prize, whose work also relies on mechanical process to create her immaculate white canvases.

Shane Bradford is represented by M+R Gallery, London.


The 2006 full colour catalogue contains the work of the 60 finalists (30 Artists/30 Student Artists), the 240 short listed artists (170 Artists/70 Student Artists) and the Goldsmiths Curatorial Programme Curator’s essay So Why Painting, still…?

Both the 2006 & 2007 catalogues can be purchased for £15, discounts £13 (excluding postage & packing)

Further information:
Tel: 0207 252 6240
E-mail: info@celesteartprize.co.uk