Aim of the Prize - The prize has been established to promote painting in the UK with the widest survey of techniques including new media. There will be an exhibition in London and an accompanying catalogue of circa 200 pages with 400 works of art illustrated in colour and critical text.

Eligibility - The Celeste Art Prize is open to anyone living and working in the UK and UK citizens living and working abroad at the time of the submission.
There is no age limit to the applicants.

There are three categories:

Artist - Open to all artists, whatever their qualifications.

Student - Open to all students in full or part-time education in the UK.

Public On-line Vote - All candidates will be automatically entered into the public on-line vote. All works submitted will be available to view on-line & in the weeks prior to the exhibition & prize-giving the public will be invited to vote by e-mail on a one e-mail one vote basis for the artist of choice.

Criteria - As a survey of painting practice in the UK: excellence in content, aesthetic, technique and material is sought. Plus an awareness of the broader context of painting and the media used, whether in traditional format or testing new media in relation to painting.

The Works of Art - The works submitted must be completed in the last 12 months
(January 06-January 07). The works do not have to have been exhibited before.

The term painting can be interpreted in the widest possible sense whether figurative or abstract.

There is no special subject, title or theme requested for participating works.

The media used can also be interpreted in the widest possible sense: oil, acrylic, ink, vinyl, watercolour, graphite, pencil etc. Digital interventions including scanning, digitalisation, photography, video etc are permitted provided there is a mix of both painting, (which is to some extent visible) and other media. The work can be on any form of support: canvas, paper, wood, plastic, metal etc.

The maximum size allowed in 2-dimensional format is 3 metres squared including any framing (the latter is not necessary).

The Prize & Prize Money
The prize money will be a total of £17,000 (seventeen thousand pounds)
£10,000 (ten thousand pounds) will be awarded to the winner of the Artist section.
£5,000 (five thousand pounds) will be awarded to the winner of the Student section.
£2,000 (two thousand pounds) will be awarded to the winner of the Public On-line Vote.

Selection of Artist & Student Artist Sections
The initial shortlist of candidates will be selected by the Curatorial Programme at Goldsmiths College, London (the Curators)

I - 400 artists will be selected. There will be 200 artists in each section (Artist/Student)
Each of these artists will have the image of their work submitted published in the catalogue.

II - 60 artists will be selected by the Curators from the shortlist as finalists.
There will be 30 artists per section (Artist/Student).

III - The 60 finalists’ work will be exhibited for one week in London. During this week the finalists will choose the overall winner in each of the two sections.

There will be an Artist & a Student winner.

The Celeste Art Prize catalogue will be published & be available for sale.
The catalogue will be launched at the beginning of the finalists’ exhibition.

All the finalists will be invited to the award ceremony & party at the exhibition when the finalists’ votes will be counted and the winners awarded their prizes.

Public on-line vote Section - All candidates will be automatically entered into the public on-line vote. All works submitted will be available to view on-line & in the weeks prior to the exhibition & prize-giving the public will be invited to vote by e-mail on a one e-mail one vote basis for their artist of choice.

The winner of the on-line vote will also be invited to the award ceremony & party & awarded their prize.

The Catalogue
- The catalogue will be an annual publication and will be an examination of painting practise in the UK. The catalogue will be circa 200 pages with approx. 400 illustrations. A complimentary catalogue will be given, upon request, to every artist listed in the catalogue.

TERMS & CONDITIONS - Artists participating in the Celeste Art Prize must accept the terms & conditions of the prize.


All applications to be received by 31st January 2007 at: 28 Vestry Road, London SE5 8NX. The postmark will be deemed the date of submission.

Please do not send original works of art.

The following should be included in the application:

a. The signed & completed application form which also constitutes an acceptance of the Celeste Art Prize terms & conditions.

b. Photographic material:

i. A colour photograph of the work submitted for the prize. Minimum measurements 10 x 15 cm, maximum measurements 30 x 21cm (A4).

ii. Photographs of two other works are also requested as supporting material of the applicant’s working practise. Please indicate on the reverse: name, address, title of work, medium, dimensions (height x width) & year of execution.

iii. An image of the proposed work on CD in jpg / tif format can also be included but NOT as a substitute for the colour photograph.

If possible, the image of the submitted work should also be in the following formats

For use on the Celeste Art Prize website: a jpg 72 dpi, colour method RGB, high resolution. The image should be a maximum of 1000 pixels and a maximum of 5MB.

For eventual use in the Celeste Art Prize catalogue should the work reach shortlist or finalist stage. 300 dpi jpg or tif. The image should be a minimum of 15cm in height if it is to presented in portrait format or a minimum of 15cm if it is to presented in landscape format.

If the submission is a video or other form of audio-visual please supply along with the work on CD-ROM or DVD, a still photograph of the work, plus the images to the specifications given above & a reduced video, format WMV, Microsoft Windows Media, with a maximum duration of 30 seconds and a maximum of 4MB. The reproduction speed should be a max of 340 Kbps.

c. The Fee:

A non-refundable fee will be charged to cover administrative costs.

£35 for professional artists
£25 for student artists (please supply details of course & place of study)

Methods of payment:

1) personal cheque, if supported by a cheque guarantee card, made out to Celeste Art Prize Ltd.

2) postal order.

d. If a receipt of the application form is required please supply a postcard sae with the application form.

If an application form is incomplete or lacks one of the requested items, the applicant will not be eligible for the prize.

2. The Selection:

a. The names of the 400 artists whose work is selected for listing (this also includes the finalists) will be available for view on the website by the beginning of April 2007.

Please note that only the artists selected for the exhibition will be contacted directly by the organisers.

If a receipt of the application form is required please supply a postcard sae with the application.

b. All the other artists who submitted entries to the prize can follow the development of the prize via the website:

c. The successful candidates will be responsible for:

· Transport, both to & from the exhibition, insurance.
· Their travel expenses & costs of their stay in London for the exhibition & prize-giving.

d. The Organisers will not be responsible for any loss of or damage to the works of art, however caused, be it fire, theft, negligence, vandalism, acts of terrorism, earthquake or any other.

3. Awarding the Prizes

a. The voting will be confidential. No one may vote for themselves or in agreement with other finalists. To do so will result in disqualification under the Celeste Art Prize terms & conditions.

b. The voting slips will be numbered & controlled by the Organisers.

c. The finalists qualified to vote can do so either by visiting the exhibition & casting their vote or via e-mail having seen the images on

d. The judges’ decision is final. Once the decision is made the Organisers will not enter into any correspondence regarding the final decision.

e. No joint winners will be awarded. The prize money will be as published. In the event of a tie, the Curators will cast the final vote.

f. This is not a purchase prize and all finalist works will be returned to the artists.

g. All submitted works will be eligible for the Public On-line Vote Prize. Voting will be on a one e-mail one vote basis. The winner will be the artist with the maximum number of votes on the 20th May 2007.

4. The Catalogue

a. The catalogue can either be collected from the exhibition or posted to the artist. If posted, postage & packing is to be paid by the artist.

b. Successive copies can be acquired with a 10% discount.

5. Copyright

a. The artists must allow the Organisers reproduction rights for the works submitted to create the catalogue, archive the images of submitted works and publicise the works on the website and in any other form of communication chosen by the organisers.

b. The photographic material, the CV, and any texts submitted for the prize will not be returned but archived by Celeste Art Prize Ltd.

The Organisers retain the right to change the Terms & Conditions should the need arise.


31st January 2007 - Application deadline

February – March 2007 - Initial selection of 400 artists to be included in the catalogue from which the 60 finalists will be selected.

1st April – 20th May 2007 - All works submitted to the prize will be available to view on-line & voting on-line will open. There will be a real time league table showing the development of the voting. The artist who has received the highest number of votes by 20th May will be awarded the Public On-line Prize at the 28th May award ceremony.

End of May 2007 - Exhibition and publication of the catalogue

28th May 2007 - Deadline for the Finalists’ voting, Finalists’ Party & Declaration of the Winners in the Student & Artist category and the awarding of the winner of the Public On-line Vote.