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Shane Bradford

Moths, Gloss paint, darts, model soldiers/planes and lightbulb 152.4cmx152.4cm, 2006-ongoing
Rachel Thorlby

Box, Cardboard box, plaster and oil paint
31cmx23cmx18cm, 2006
Neil McNally
Pontypool Gwent

Dirk Bogarde, Oil, acrylic, gouache, photograph, photocopy, blue tack and oil on linen, 132cmx177.8cm, 2006
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Natasha Kidd

Overflow, 2006, Aluminium panel, copper pipe & fixings. Site specific installation: approx. 200 x 200 x 25cm
Shaan Syed

Halls (Rockstar), 2005, Oil on canvas, 152 x 183cm © Shaan Syed